Friday, July 07, 2017

Remember, journalists are our self-appointed guardians of truth.  Without them, we rubes would believe any lie put in front of us. Except THIS:
Columbia Daily Tribune columnist Bill Clark wrote in a recent article that he is “lucky” police didn’t shoot him during a recent traffic stop in which he found himself “in the shoes of the minority.”
From his very dramatic article:
I’m lucky I didn’t get shot. Sirens wailed and when I stopped, two officers were out of the sheriff’s vehicle. When I reached over to turn off the radio and then take my wallet out of my pocket to produce the driver’s license and insurance card, I realized my hands were not at the top of my steering wheel. Danger lurked and official arrogance was to follow.
Gasp!  How will our daring hero escape this cunning trap?  By being a total dick, apparently.
But after Clark's account was published, the Boone County Sheriff's Department refuted the article. The only difference is the police had proof: a dash cam video.

UPDATE:  Check out the comments on his very dramatic article.  Awesome display of solidarity with our LEOs.

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